Day One Fasting And Prayer

All who love Jesus and who love justice are invited the first day of each month to pray and fast on behalf of vulnerable populations, as well as for restoration within the Church.


Politics aside, we all have the biblical responsibility to love others, especially the stranger, the poor, and the weak, for whom God and His Son incarnate Jesus Christ advocated throughout the Old and New Testament. We can all agree there has been severe division in our land, and we are in desperate need of healing so we can be restored to one another and welcome others as we have been welcomed. Only our Creator and Redeemer can do this. Will you please consider taking time each month to pray for His intervention in His way, which is beyond our human understanding?

The Fast

The fast lasts for 24 hours on the first day of every month. You can purpose to fast for one meal, such as lunch, or all day long. If you have health needs or are pregnant or nursing, you may choose to fast from a type of food instead of all food. Please pray on how you will fast; we will not be policing you!

The Scripture & Prayer

Please read and pray Isaiah 58. For those who want to be more specific in their prayers, you can pray for the following, one per hour as you’re able. Here is an example schedule:

time prayer reading
6:00am The end to injustice and the unbiblical actions taking place that are done [wrongly] in the name of our Savior Micah 6:8, Acts 20:30
7:00am The courage to stand for truth and for those who do not have a voice when we do Proverbs 31:8-9
8:00am Protection and blessings for those who stand for truth and face opposition for it Acts 5:29
9:00am Opportunities for you to take action, and that you might recognize and seize these opportunities Ephesians 5:15-17
10:00am Healing in our land 2 Chronicles 7:14
11:00am Wisdom and humility in our leaders 1 Timothy 2:1-4
12:00pm Compassion and empathy in all Americans for all humans Isaiah 58:6-7
1:00pm An end to fear and hatred, and the language they create 1 John 4:18
James 3:9-10
2:00pm The ability to listen and hear others James 1:19
3:00pm A renewed passion in Christians to be good neighbors as Jesus defined it Luke 10:36-37
4:00pm Restoration in the Church so we can be beacons of hope and love to all, especially each other 1 John 4:7
5:00pm Those who do not know Christ may see Him through us and the transformative difference He makes Matthew 5:16
6:00pm Reconciliation to those we personally have wronged, and an ability to live with integrity 1 Peter 2:12
7:00pm A deeper longing for and intimacy with El Roi, the God Who Sees Genesis 16:13
8:00pm God’s glory to shine through and above all Habakkuk 2:14

Thank you for caring for the outsiders, as we were all once outsiders and have been brought into one family through the Cross.