Creating spaces for justice-minded people who love Jesus to come alive and take action.

CAST (Coming Alive, Scheming Together)

CAST (Coming Alive, Scheming Together) is an inclusive event series that connects justice-minded women, and those who identify as women, who love Jesus. It is what you get when you mix women + TED-style talks + a variety show with social justice flare + the Spirit’s movement. We operate as a switchboard, connecting you with ideas, people, and organizations so you can plug in with your unique passions and gifts.

Day One Fasting And Prayer

All who love Jesus and who love justice are invited the first day of each month to pray and fast on behalf of vulnerable populations, as well as for restoration within the Church. Rationale Politics aside, we all have the biblical responsibility to love others, especially the stranger, the poor, and the weak, for whom God and His Son incarnate Jesus Christ advocated throughout the Old and New Testament. We can all agree there has been severe division in our land, and we are in desperate need of healing so we can be restored to one another and welcome others as we have been welcomed.

Verses 3 to 5

Verses 3 to 5 is a blog where daughters of the King can share letters to themselves at any point in their personal timeline, and readers can glean wisdom and encouragement from those who have been there and lived to write about it.

Wailing Women

Wailing Women is a monthly event for women that involves prayer and lamenting for the injustices that so many experience each and every day. It is for those who struggle with the juxtaposition of having much hope for our later days, and yet still experiencing despair. Each month we have a different prayer focus, which have included Racial Trauma, Women, and Immigration. This event series is brought about through a partnership between Be YOUnique and Milkweed Ministries.